What Dialog Io T Does

Dialog IoT platform is an enabler layer for all the IoT verticals converging IoT capabilities, logical mappings and web services.

Dialog IoT serves under four main areas.

  1. Connect

    1. ANY: Modular design for fast & scalable devices or any “thing” onboarding

    2. FLEX: Flexibility in using open protocols, web or proprietary protocols

    3. SECURE: Trusted partner for security, communication & reliability

  2. Build

    1. OPEN: Interfaces & wizards to enable collaboration between users, developers and iot service providers

    2. SPEED: Rapid service deployment capability – in minutes

    3. EASY: Intuitive UXD and widget based tools to create life style rules

  3. Manage

    1. MANAGE : a multi sensory life style cutting across all domains (Telco, Web, IOT, digital…)

    2. SMART X: life-style services mash-up with any combo: Home, City, Geo, Health, Car, Travel, Shop etc.

  4. Analytics

    1. DASHBOARDS : Big data analytics, easily consumed by end consumers & admins

    2. DATA-ON-TIME : Real-time event stream processing & live feedback/triggers across domains to user’s life style services

Last updated on 8th Nov 2017