Account Management

User Profile Management

My Account tab will permit the user to define his/her own profile by entering phone number and email address. The username field cannot be edited. Moreover, user is allowed to change the password as well.

Figure 8


Under My Account tab, user is able to add common rooms. Enter the room name and click on ‘Submit ‘to save. Select on the defined room and a pop up appears allowing the user to edit the room name.

Figure 9

To delete, select pre-defined location and click on ‘Delete’ button.

Figure 10

Device Management

User can add devices (IoT platform compatible) by going to the Add Device tab.

To initiate it is required to configure and add smart home devices. As shown below, the startup screen has mentioned instructions on how to proceed forward in adding a device.

Figure 11

In order to add a new device, follow this below procedure;

  1. Click on ‘Add a Device’ button

  2. Select a particular brand. (The brands displayed on the screen are ones that were defined by the administrator. There are sub devices and direct devices attached under each defined device)

  3. Once you select a brand click on Next button to proceed.

Figure 12

A device can be a Hub, a Hub connected device or a directly platform connected device.

Type Example
Hub Eg: Xuan Hub
Hub connected device Eg: WeMo Plug, Belkin Plug, Phillips Hue bulb, Yeelight bulb
Directly platform connected device Eg: TK 102 tracker, Dialog button
  1. Select the type

Figure 13

  1. Add Device Details

It is required to enter Device name, Select the room and MAC address. User can also tick on ‘Favorite’ so that it will be displayed in the startup dashboard for easy access.

Figure 14

  1. Finally the device will be added.

Figure 15

  1. User is facilitated to amend device details by simply selecting the predefined device, then following view appears.

Figure 16

Last updated on 9th Nov 2017