Create Account

User Registration

In order to do the user registration, click on the ‘Register’ on the bottom left corner as shown in the image below on the IoT web.

Figure 2

Once the user click on the ‘Register’ the user will be guided to another new form where the user is required to input all the details and click on ‘Create’ button in order to get registered.

Figure 3

System Login

The user should provide the login credentials (user name and password) to log in to the system.

Figure 4

User Dashboard

Once the logs into the system, the dashboard shown in Figure 5 below will be displayed. The dashboard will accommodate shortcuts to the user added devices and actions.

Further, logged in user name will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the portal.

Figure 5

Password Reset

If a user forgets the password, click on ‘Forgot password’ link on the bottom right corner, afterwards a mail will be sent to the user’s email address to reset the password.

Figure 6


By clicking on ‘Log out’ user can sign out from the system.

Figure 7

Last updated on 9th Nov 2017