Mobile App

Mobile Application

After configuring the web portal, automatically those configured devices/scenes will be synchronized to the user’s mobile application. The user’s login for the mobile app would be equivalent to the user’s web login credentials.

User login

The user needs to provide the same credentials as the web login.

User Register

Once the user click on the ‘Register’ the user will be guided to another new form where the user is required to input all the details and click on ‘Register’ button in order to get registered.

Forgot Password

If a user forgets the password, click on ‘Forgot password’ link on the bottom left corner, the following interface will appear to enter the username.

Click on ‘Reset’ button.

Afterwards a mail will be sent to the user’s email address with a new password, using that user can log into the app.

User Dashboard

The dashboard will be loaded upon authentication of the user login. The favorites that are added from the web portal will be loaded to this mobile app’s dashboard.

Figure 31

By clicking on each item the user will be navigated to the respective device settings.

User Menu

On the top left corner the user’s menu is located. By clicking on the horizontal bars the menu will be dropped down and the user is able to navigate through the menu.

Figure 32

The user can minimize the menu either by clicking the back arrow on the top left corner or by hitting the back button on the phone.


The added devices from the web portal will be visible in the mobile app. By clicking on the device, the device actions can be performed.

Figure 33

The following shows the steps to add a new direct device.

App requests if want to add a QR code. Click ‘Yes’ to scan, ‘No’ to omit

Figure 34

Select a Brand

Figure 35

Select a Type

Add Device Details

Figure 36

Figure 37

Enter the details and click ‘Ok’ button. Success message appears as below

Figure 38

Figure 39

Device Details are displayed as below. User can Edit device details when required When clicking on edit icon, user is permitted to delete the device

Figure 40

Figure 41


This view shows the scenes created. User can select a scene to amend any actions. Click on the ‘Next’ button to add a scene.

Figure 42

The following shows how to add a new scene. Enter Name and image and click ‘Next’ Select Scene Instance. To execute manually select ‘Manual’

Figure 43

Figure 44

Select Scene Action, either ‘Device’ or ‘Global’

Figure 45

Add actions to your scene

Figure 26

Adding Scene to occur By time

Figure 47

Schedule time for the scene to occur

Figure 27

Adding Scene to occur by Device Event

Figure 49

Add Device and Event for the Scene

Figure 50

Selecting Scene as ‘Global’

Figure 51

Add action to the scene

Figure 52

User can manually execute by clicking on the following

Figure 53

My Account

By navigating to My Account user is able to edit login details.

Figure 55


This interface allows the user to add, edit or delete locations. Click on this icon ‘’ to proceed.

Add New Location

Figure 56

Edit/Delete Location

Figure 57


On the navigation menu, click on Logout, then the following pop up screen will appear. Click on ‘Yes’ to log out.

Figure 58

Last updated on 9th Nov 2017