Scene Management

Add Scene

Initially a user will have this look at the first glance which describes the purpose and example of a Scene.

Figure 17

  1. To add a scene click on ‘Add a Scene’ button.

  2. Enter Scene Name and select an Image. To proceed further click on ‘Next’ button.

Figure 18

User will be directed to the following screen displaying three instances for a user to manage a scene and they are;

  1. Manual scene

  2. Event based scene

  3. Schedule scene

Manual Scene Creation

To create a Manual scene, follow this procedure;

  • Click on the ‘Add Action’

Figure 19

  • Select either ‘Device’

Figure 20

  • Configure actions based on the device selection

Figure 21

Event Based Scene Creation

In order to create an Event based scene, follow this procedure;

Figure 22

  • Event based devices will be displayed, select a device

Figure 23

  • Select the action to be performed

Figure 24

  • Can select global or device specific actions

Figure 25

By Time Scene Creation

Under Schedule scene the device gets triggered based on a particular time frame defined. To generate a Schedule scene, select a date and time.

Figure 26

Edit Scene

Click on a scene to edit.

Figure 27

User can click on the Execute button to forcefully execute a particular device when required.

Last updated on 9th Nov 2017