Device SDKs

Device SDK helps you to easily connect devices to IoT Developer Portal. You can download the Device SDK from Github Repository. The SDK code is open source and can be modified as per the user's requirement.

Title Platform Version Release Date Download
Arduino Uno/IdeaBoard MQTT/GSM-NBIOT Example Arduino-Uno V2.0 2019.10.30 Download SDK ➤
ESP32 MQTT/GSM-NBIOT Example Arduino-ESP32 V2.0 2019.09.02 Download SDK ➤
Arduino ESP MQTT/Wifi Example Arduino-ESP32 V1.0 2017.09.26 Download SDK ➤
Lua MQTT/Wifi Example ESP-IDF V1.0 2017.12.13 Download SDK ➤
Raspberry Pi MQTT/Wifi Example Python-RPi V1.0 2017.09.15 Download SDK ➤
MicroPython MQTT/Wifi Example ESP32/8266 V1.0 2017.11.15 Download SDK ➤